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Generally speaking, the combined charging system connector can supply between 25 kWh and 350 kWh of power. For most EVs, this is enough to charge from zero to 80% in under an hour. Though be aware.. Menu CCS Charge Map - Europe 208 (Fast, 24/7) 415 (Tesla) 6912 (regular, 24/7) 733 (regular, not 24/7) 8074. Updates; Statistics; List; Enable map clustering; Show radius k SAE Combo Charging System (CCS) - (BMW, GM, VW, and other carmakers) When tasked with developing a fast charging system, the SAE J1772 committee basically took the existing J1772 plug and added on two large pins for high power DC

CCS (Combined Charging System) one of several competing charging plug (and vehicle communication) standards for DC fast charging. (DC fast-charging is also referred to as Mode 4 charging - see FAQ on charging Modes). Competitors to CCS for DC charging are CHAdeMO, Tesla (two types: US/Japan and rest of world) and the Chinese GB/T system. (See table 1 below) At the very bottom of the charger heap are 3kW slow chargers which, predictably, take about twice as long as a 7kW unit. Here I would like to recomend one fast charger, CCS Combo DC Charger. This charger is becoming more and more popular these years, Which can fastly improve the charging speed 150Amp 200A CCS Combo 2 Plug DC Fast Charger Type 2 EV Connector CCS 2 Gun $180 Inquiry Now; 127.5KW 125A CCS 2 Socket DC Fast EV Charger Type 2 Connector $260 Inquiry Now; 150A 200A CCS Combo 2 Socket EV Charger Socket Inlet for Electric Vehicle Car Chargin

-Data sheet Specifications • CCS Combo charging outlet OR CHAdeM. The 25kW DC WallBox - is a compact wall or pedestal mounted unitoffering an entry level, low cost DC rapid charging solution ideal for fleets,taxi companies, commercial locations, busy offices, etc. You will require a 50 Amp 3 phase supply for this unit. -Data sheet. with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2. PRIME FLEXIBILITY . Projected with easy mobility design, this mobile charger is available for test and fleet operations independent of their location . MAIN FEATURES . DC power up to 60 Kw Adjustable DC power 4.3-inch user-friendly touchscreen 0% to 80% in less than 30 minutes CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2 high.

For example, in Europe, you will often come across the 'CCS Combo 2' connector (see picture) which has the Type 2 AC connector at the top and the CCS DC connector at the bottom. When you want a rapid charge at a motorway service station, you pick up the tethered Combo 2 plug from the charging machine and insert it into your car's charging. CCS is therefore an integrated solution for AC- and DC-charging. EVs are CCS-capable if they support either AC charging with Type 1 (US) or Type 2 (Europe) Connector according to IEC 62196-2 or DC charging with Combo 1 (US) or Combo 2 (Europe) Connector in IEC 62196- CCS Combo 1 (J1772 Combo): 2,376 stations with 5,106 individual plugs on average 2.15 chargers per station; CHAdeMO: 2,608 stations with 3,993 individual plugs on average 1.53 chargers per statio CCS Combo 1 is for US, and CCS Combo 2 is for Europe. *To use this charger, your car must have a quick charge port. Please be aware that EVSE Adapters is an independent supplier of electric vehicle chargers There are four major public DC fast charging standards right now: CCS Combo 1 - North America (and some other regions) CCS Combo 2 - most of the world (including Europe, Australia, South America.

150kW Ultra Fast EV Charger (CCS+CHAdeMO+AC) is integrated with CCS, CHAdeMO and AC Type 2 Plugs, and 150kW Charging modules. The charger offer 150kW DC Power and AC 22kW or 43kW for EV charging, and the DC Power and AC Power can be used simultaneously. SETEC POWER EV Fast Chargers have been exported to more than 80 countries and in charging. Mobile quick charger with 22 kW for EVs. Compatible with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo. For fleets, OEMs, test facilities, car traders and events Tesla has finally made it possible for Model 3 owners to use DC fast chargers that aren't part of its own Supercharger network. It just released an update for the EV that adds compatibility with. Type 2 and Combo 2 CCS chargers are mostly found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South Africa, India, and Australia. What is a CCS plug? This handy graphic stolen from the fine folks at thedriven.io does a great job of explaining: As you can see, a CCS 1 charger is simply a J-plug (or Type 1) with two additional pins underneath CCS ADAPTER STANDARD WITH DELIVERY MAX. CHARGE RATE AND ADDED RANGE PER HOUR** Yes, for Model S & Model X*** Up to 120 kW or 400-500 km: Model 3 is equipped with a CCS port so no adapter is neede

50kw CCS CHAdeMO EV Charger Description. CCS CHAdeMO 50KW EV charging station is Combined with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2, Dual connectors, Fast charging Station. That can be fit for all CHAdeMO and CCS Electric Cars. SETQCY DC quick charger consists of charging modules, monitor, smart meter, HMI, communication module, charging connector, management and cabinet 150ADC European to US CCS Combo 2 to CCS Combo 1 EV Quick Charger Adapter. US $211.00-$230.00 / Piece. 1 Piece (Min Order) Shanghai Zencar Industry Co., Ltd. CN 10 YRS. 98.4% Response Rate. 4.7 (72) Fast shipment Great service Contact Supplier. 1/3. adapter J1772 type 1 adapter for Tesla ev charging plug adaptor Robert Llewellyn gives you the run down on how to use one of our Electric Highway chargers. For more info please visit http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/for-the-ro.. All Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles produced after May 1, 2019 have the technical capability to charge at CCS Combo 2 charging sites with the use of a CCS Combo 2 adapter

Testing out the recently installed CCS Combo Adapter retrofit to the Model s 90. Using 350kW Tritium Charger in Airport West managed by RACV and Chargefox. C.. CCS Plugs: 4 @ 350kW Sources: Going Electric. Kasseler Straße 51 - Homberg (24/7) Status: Open Provided by: EnBW. Added: 2019-10-30. Address: Kasseler Straße 51 - Homberg. CCS Plugs: 1 @ 50kW Other Plugs: CHAdeMO, Type 2 Sources: Going Electric. Schmachthäger Straße 8 - Hamburg (24/7) Status: Open Provided by: Comfortcharge. Added: 2019-10-3

DC Fast Charger 150A 200A CCS Combo 1 Connector EV Charging CCS 1 Plug. The wire is soft and bright,oil-resistant,cold-resistant,wear-resistant,the wire shrinks freely in the cold winter,the wire is not hard,no cracking.... Send Inquiry Chat No CCS Type 2 Male Socket/Inlet (EV Side) The Combined Charging System inlet is an industry-standard vehicle connector for convenient charging of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Electric Vehicles. Type 2 inlets and plugs supporting AC & DC Charging standards of Europe/ Australia and increasingly global standards . Features: 1

Electway 25kw CCS COMBO 2 charger £ 4,675.00 25kw CCS COMBO 2 charger was developed for electric vehicles with CHAdeMO or CCS combo 2 socket and it is designed for semi-mobile use DC 150A 200Amp CCS Combo 1 Socket Inlet Electric Car Charger SAE J1772 Socket $250 Inquiry Now; DC 125Amp CCS Combo 1 Connector J1772 Plug Electric Vehicle Fast Chargin Portable chademo & CCS 10kW EV fast DC charger for Electric Vehicle is a device to supply DC power to Electric Car and provide fast and reliable power. Specification 2 MODE Standard Charger : Combo Type 2 and CHAdeMO For fast charging, the CHAdeMO and SAE Combo (also called CCS for Combo Charging System) are the most used connectors by electric cars manufacturers. These two connectors are not interchangeable, meaning a car with a CHAdeMO port cannot charge using an SAE Combo plug and vice versa The CCS combo plug is for DC voltage which provides a more direct charging path for faster charging. In fact I believe none of these have the AC voltage pins in the top connector (just communication pins). A car with only a L1 AC L2 AC SAE J1772 compliant connector is not compatible with the SAE J1772 CCS DC combo plug

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  1. Tesla Model 3 to use CCS Combo charging standard Tesla has today confirmed that the European version of the new Model 3 will be fitted with a CCS Type 2 Combo inlet with an adapter available for the Model S and Model X, which currently have a Tesla Type 2 socket
  2. The CCS Combo 2 adapter is the most common charging plug for high power charging in the EU. The adapter combines the typical Type 2 Connector for AC Charging and the CCS Adapter for DC charging. A car offering the CCS Combo 2 connection can be charged either with alternating or direct current based on the plug that the car is connected with
  3. CCS Combo 2 Connector IEC 62196-3 Type 2 EV Plug DC Fast Charging Connector DC Quick Charger CCS Combo 2 Plugs . US $300.00-$800.00 / Piece 1.0 Pieces (Min. Order) 2 YRS . Shanghai Mida EV Power Co., Ltd. (4) 100.0% Great customer service (1.
  4. Multi-standard DC fast chargers support multiple charging standards, like CCS, CHAdeMO and/or AC. Therewith supporting all EVs currently on the roads. Ideal for use at highway rest stops, retail parking area, car dealerships and busy urban areas
  5. CCS--also known as SAE Combo--was developed by a coalition of U.S. and German manufacturers. It uses a single plug that combines a J-1772 plug for 240-volt Level 2 charging with pins for DC fast.

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CHAdeMO charger to CCS combo(car) would probably look a lot like this, but with a CCS combo plug. The real question is would the car socket be able to withstand the load of the adapter + CHAdeMO gun? Current EV: 2018 i3s 94Ah with Range Extender Former EVs: 2017 LEAF 30 Tekna and 2014 LEAF 24 Tekn Bolt is coming out with optional SAE J1772 DC (Combo) fast charging adapter that is the least popular in the USA at this time. Nissan Leaf CHAdeMO DC fast charging stations are more popular that SAE combo adapters. Tesla has their own DC charging plug / protocol and, from my point of view, Tesla.. If your electric vehicle has the American standard CCS Combo 1 inlet for DC fast charging, and you wish to use DC fast chargers in Europe, then this adapter is for you! This durable adapter lets your US-spec vehicle charge at full speed at European CCS Combo 2 quick charger stations Excel|mate CC - IEC Combo Charging Plug IEC 62196. The Excel|mate CC - IEC Combo developed by Amphenol meets the IEC 62196-2 Standard for charging systems. By using the Vehicle Inlet you can charge the electric vehicle with AC and DC power. The Combo Plug which includes 2 DC power contacts enables you to charge the car in public areas in a fast way

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CCS Combo 1 and CCS Combo 2 connectors are essentially identical other than the shape of the connectors, they have the same capabilities and connections. The Type 2 connector is more capable as it has the ability to do 3 phase charging, but that is not present on the Combo 2 connector 50KW CCS EV charging station is Combined with CCS Combo connector. That can be fit for all CCS Electric Cars, Like BMW i3, i8, VW e-Golf. SETQCY DC quick charger consists of charging modules, monitor, smart meter, HMI, communication module, charging connector, management and cabinet Khons 150A CE TUV CCS Combo 2 to Combo 1 DC Quick Charger Adapter With 0.3m UL Cable Charging Station. US $433.09. 5.0 (7) 13 Orders. Khons EVSE 127.5KW CCS Type 2 DC EV Charger Plug 150A Electric Car Vehicle IEC 62196 Standard Charging Station Charger Plug. US $117.60. 0.0 (0) 5 Orders

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150A 200A Chademo CCS Combo 1 EV charger connector for electric vehicle charging station. US $212.80. 0.0 (0) 0 Orders. 150A 200A Chademo CCS Combo 1 to CCS Combo 2 EV Charger Adapter IP44. US $239.40. 0.0 (0) 1 Orders. DUOSIDA CE ccs combo 2 ccs combo 1 200A quick charger adapter with drain hole The EU charging port for the model.S and X is different than that used in Canada and the US. The CCS adapter you have seen is for the EU version of the S and X. It does not work with the Canadian and US versions of the vehicles. There has been no news about a CCS adapter for our Teslas so far

Tesla is switching to use the CCS fast DC charging standard in Europe, according to a report by Electrek. The European version of the Model 3 will come with a CCS charging inlet. European Superchargers will get additional CCS charging cables. Tesla is just now delivering the first Model 3 cars to European Tesla showroom QC45 Rapid Charger Multi standard rapid charging The multi-standard Siemens QC45 Rapid Charger can be supplied with single DC output (CCS or Combo T2 (CCS / Combo-2) AC Plug (or socket) IEC62196 Type-2 AC Human machine interface Display 6.4'' TFT Color scree

Lack of a physical adaptor from CCS Combo 2 socket to Tesla plug prevents this capability from being used. Can a safe Combo 2 to Tesla adaptor be designed and manufactured? Tesla offers an electronics upgrade to European customers with pre-May 2019 S and X models. The upgraded cars can use the CCS to Tesla adaptor to charge from CCS chargers Environment: Indoor / outdoor Flexible multi-protocol design: CCS 2, CHAdeMO and AC TYPY 2 Compatible EV range: ePassenger car, eBus, eTruck, eAircraft, eShip Compatible car brands: BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia, Renault, Daimler, Tesla, Smart, Mercedes Product description. The EVMS-60 is a Fast Charging station able to charge all current and. Home / DC Charger / Electway 15KW portable mobile CCS Combo 2 Electric Vehicle charger Electway 15KW portable mobile CCS Combo 2 Electric Vehicle charger. Our 15KW portable mobile CCS Combo 2 Electric Vehicle charger is the ideal solution for frequently use EV in during the day. SKU: CHR-15Q-1 Category: DC Charger 350KW EV DC High Power charger. 160 KW (175KW peak) power cabinet and. separated charge post with 2 DC connectors. delivering up to 375A and 160KW continuous. 200A CCS combo 2 connector 200A. CHAdeMO connector, (optional) 375A CCS. combo 2 liquid cooled cable with integrated. chiller in the charge post. Double voltage range 500Vdc and 1000Vd

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That can be fit for all CHAdeMO and CCS Electric Cars. CCS CHAdeMO 100KW EV charging station is Combined with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2, Dual connectors, Fast charging Station. SETQCY DC quick charger consists of charging modules, monitor, smart meter, HMI, communication module, charging connector, management and cabinet Chargers using the CHAdeMO standard, however, might never be able to charge as fast as some of the fastest chargers rolling out today, however, at up to 350 kilowatts, which use CCS Combo connectors

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charger + 24 kW (up to 100 RPH) + SAE Combo CHAdeMO Tesla44 to 50 kW (up to 200 RPH) Depends on the power level of the charger and car model, but could be 80% charged within 30 minutes + Short stops + Express Corridor locations (CCS) Connectors All EVs except Tesla use the same J1772™ connector for Level 2 charging Y ocar International Trading Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of electric vehicle components,including all kinds of EV connectors, sockets, cables, connectors, and EV charger, CCS combo socket. All of our products come with CE, TUV and UL certification and are sold to domestic and overseas markets with a very good reputation, which are especially popular in Europe and the USA CCS Combo Charger Fan Cooling System DC Charger Multi-Standards DC Quick Charger DC Fast Charger Electric Vehicle Charging Station DIN70121 inquiry Subject: 150kW EVMS CCS EV Charger Combo DC Fast Charging. Product description The Efacec QC50 DC Fast Charger can be used to charge all EVs with CHAdeMO and SAE J1772 Combo charging standard compliance. Depending on the EV, it takes up to 30 minutes to charge from a low battery state. The DC Fast Charger is user-friendly and safe Find a place to plug in your electric car (EV) with PlugShare's database of over 300,000 charging stations! Map nearby Superchargers for the Tesla Model S, Quick Charge (CHAdeMO) for the Nissan LEAF, and map nearby charging stations for the Chevy Volt, BMW i3, and all other electric vehicles

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EV Fast Charging System Standards - CHAdeMO, CCS, SAE Combo, Tesla Supercharger etc. (E-mail us at info@bestplusgroup.com to Get a Quote)Fast Charging makes electric cars more useful because of the reassurance drivers get knowing they can quickly recharge, and the faster effective trip speed 150A, 200~1000V, cable length: 1~6m. Hits: UpdateTime:2019-05-31 14:28:11 【Printing】 【Close】 Previous:Electway 125A CHAdeMO plug+cable Next:CCS Combo2 EVSE plu DC CCS Combo EV Charger. Trademark. BlueSky. Specification. 880*770*1740mm. Origin. Made in China. HS Code. 85044099. Product Description Customer Question & Answer Ask something for more details Overview BSEC series DC charger is the charging equipment specially developed by Wenzhou Bluesky Energy Technology Co., Ltd. for electric vehicles.

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QC20 Rapid Charger. Multi standard rapid charging. The multi-standard Siemens QC20 Rapid Charger can be supplied with single DC outlet (CCS or CHadeMO), dual DC outlet (CCS and CHadeMO) or triple outlet with a 22kW AC socket. All combined outputs are integrated into a single cabinet for safe and user- friendly charging of all compatible electric. Tesla ccs charger for North American cars. General. Bc has many new government built fast chargers, I am wondering if there will be a ccs combo adapter for the model 3. The chadmeo is very expensive and not very fast. I am pretty disappointed that the government didn't include the Tesla charges in the stations. Superchargers are great but not. CCS Combo 2 mobile charger. EEBC European Electrical Bus Company. EVBox Troniq 50. CCS Combo 2 status indicator charger. EVBOX. EVBox Troniq 100. 4G mode 4 Type 2. EVBOX. COMPACT 50. fast charging touch screen charger. DBT. Wallbox KEYWATT Multi Standard. CCS Combo 2 touch screen Type 2. ies. DC City Charger CCS EV Fast Charging standard is about two years behind CHAdeMO in California. Posted April 21, 2015 by Christian Ruoff & filed under Newswire, The Infrastructure.. California is the most electrified state in the US, thanks in part to its ZEV mandate that requires automakers to produce a certain number of zero-emission vehicles

In early 2019, the Tesla Model 3 will be released on the European market with a CCS port. As the Combined Charging System (CCS) already is the most common charging system, Tesla will release the new Model 3 with CCS port in Europe. Tesla drivers will be able to charge their EVs at Tesla own's charging stations and as well at the global open CCS network The SAE standard has added DC Fast Charging specifications with vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche, and Volkswagen agreeing to implement the SAE standard (CCS / combo) as their preferred direct DC charging standard although some of these manufacturers are now also introducing the CHAdeMO specifications

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New EV Trend: Fast Tracking Ultra Fast DC Fast ChargersAsheville Chevrolet | PlugShare2014 Chevy Spark EV First With CCS Quick-Charge Port (As

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There are very few CHAdeMO chargers available now. Most every available charger is a J1772. I am considering buying the Chevy Bolt because it has the new J1772 combo connector installed and will fast charge to 80% in one hour. Neither GB/T nor CCS-Combo 1 & 2 are offered outside of their home markets of China, U.S. / Canada and Europe. The Efacec EV DC Quick Charger can be used to charge all EVs with CHAdeMO, CCS or AC Type-2 (fast) charging standard compliance. The DC Quick Charger is a user-friendly and safe process to fast charge your vehicle. After user identification (if authentication is required), by simply choosing the chargin Apparently the the CCs charger is 200kw, and the Chademo is 100kw. PetroCan Site And Totally free until the fall. bo-1-to-ccs-combo-2-ev-quick-charger-adapter/ (for $877 plus the price of the Euro spec'd car, transport from Europe, etc). is there a Euro Supercharger to NA Supercharger adaptor (that still would communicate with Tesla)? I've.

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MINI-CHARGER-TESTER Overview of Mini-Charger-Tester suitcase combinations. Model Item number DC-CCS Combo 1 DC-CCS Combo 2 CHAdeMO DC-China GB/T AC Type 1 AC Type 2 EV Simulation Isolation Fault Sim. Ext. Fault Sim. Report file Combined 1 061-1-022 approx. 300 V, 5A Combined 2 061-1-021 approx. 300 V, 5A DC-CCS 1 061-1-024 approx. 300 V, 5 If you are driving a EV which has USA style CCS socket (type 1 - Combo 1) you will not be able to charge your EV. In order to charge from Fast charging station, you must have this adaptor, which allows to connect CCS 1 EV to CCS 2 Station. This adaptor suits best these EV models: Chevrolet Bolt EV Bmw i3 USA Hyundai IONI Ilustrace Type 2 CCS Combo 2 Europe standart of ev charger. Connector and socket flat illustration vektorového díla, clipartu a stock vektorů. Image 114805475 Detailed description. Specification. - CCS 10KW EV charging station is Combined with CCS Combo 2, Dual connectors, Fast charging Station. - DC quick charger consists of charging modules, monitor, smart meter, HMI, communication module, charging connector, management and cabinet. That can be fit for all CHAdeMO and CCS Electric Cars

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Chine 150d'un Combo 1 bouchon de CCS DC Chargeur rapide de la voiture électrique Type de prise de charge 1 200A CCS Combo 1 plug - Trouver les prix et les détails complets sur CCS Combo 1 PLUG,CCS 1 BOUCHON,150A CCS Combo 1 produits du Fournisseur ou du Fabricant - Shanghai Mida EV Power Co., Ltd. 80kw CHAdeMO CCS Combo OCPP 1.6 DC EV electric cars and E bus Charger Note: Please be cautious and check with your supplier if this product is for virus protection purposes and if the coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect your order Duosida supply adapter ccs2 to CCS1/ ccs combo 2 to ccs combo 1 adapter Strong grid adaptability dual charging gun floor mounted 40kw level 3 electric vehicle charging pile CCS CHAdeMO EV charger . $7,000.00-$8,500.00 / Set.

Tesla Model 3 Europe is coming with a CCS2 charge portOcean View Plaza Shopping Center | PlugShare

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CCS Combo & CHAdeMO Stations FLOW. e-Mobility, EV connector. CCS Connector Type 2 Combo. e-Mobility, EV charger. Type 2 Charging Station. e-Mobility, EV connector. CCS Combo. Lighting. Bat Chandelier. e-Mobility. Type 2 Compact Pendant Charger. e-Mobility, EV connector. CHAdeMO Compact BLACK. e-Mobility, EV charger. CCS Combo & CHAdeMO Double. Vind de fabrikant Draagbare Ccs Combo Lader van hoge kwaliteit Draagbare Ccs Combo Lader, leverancier en producten voor de laagste prijzen bij Alibaba.co Cost effective multi-standard DC fast charger. Terra 54 CT combines a CCS (Combo) and an AC socket and is able to charge all electric and plug-in hybrid cars en route. Typical charging times range between 15 and 30 minutes for DC and 30-60 minutes for AC. The CCS (Combo) output works on 50 kW, the AC socket outlet has a power between 3,6 and 22 kW

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Vehicle Inlets Charger, Conductive Charging of Electric Vehicles, IEC 62196-3 manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Duosida CCS Combo 2 Connector Plug CCS 2 EV Charging Plug, Brand New Deligreen Designed LiFePO4 8s 24V 80A 100A Smart BMS Waterproof for Scooters, 16s 48V 250A Smart BMS LiFePO4 Battery Blue Tooth Can Protocol RS485 with Fan and so on Für die schnelle Ladung von Elektromobilen bietet der wallbe® DC Charger viel Komfort in einer bedienerfreundlichen Säule. Innerhalb von 15 bis 30 Minuten lassen sich Fahrzeuge mit gängigen Steckern wie CHAdeMO oder CCS-Combo komplett aufladen. wallbe® DC Charger kann nahezu wartungsfrei betrieben werden und ist eine perfekte Premium-Ergänzung im Ladenetz

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Cari Kualitas tinggi Ev Charger Ccs Combo Produsen Ev Charger Ccs Combo Pemasok dan Ev Charger Ccs Combo Produk di Harga Terbaik di Alibaba.co ev charging socket cable Features. 1- The ccs2 ev charging socket cable with TUV CE RHOS certificates, it is safty and reliable.. 2-The ccs2 ev charging socket cable can install on ccs2 ev charging socket to charging the electirc cars.. Basic Data. The charging cable can sell with the charging socket, also can sell only cable, here is the basic data for ev charging cable with the socket When there are CCS Combo 2 EV Chargers around them and their EVs are from American Standard (SAE J1772 CCS Combo 1), they need to use CCS Combo 2 to converter to CCS combo 1 to charge their EVs. So the CCS2 to CCS1 Adapter will help EV drivers to use CCS Combo 2 EV charger to charge the SAE J1772 CCS Combo 1 EVs. Feature. 1 CHAdeMO 80 KW EV charging station is Combined with CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 2, Dual connectors, Fast charging Station. That can be fit for all CHAdeMO Electric Cars. DC Quick charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their car safely and quickly Connector details: CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2. Max DC output power: 50 kW. Max DC current: 125A. Output DC Voltage range: 50 - 500V. Communication Protocols: JEVS G104 (CHAdeMO) IEC61851-23 PLC (CCS / Combo-2) IEC61851-1 (AC) CHAdeMO Certificate number: 20130

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